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    Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
    2:47 pm
    At the beginning of May (2009) I suddenly found myself with a pressing need to find a new home on the web for my fanfic. For many years now I had used a simple Geocities website for this purpose, despite having tried other websites (Homestead and Crosswinds just to name a few) no matter how many I tried I always found Geocities to be the best. Now granted I didn't use my other sites for hosting fanfic, but there was more than one reason for that - Geocities was the most simple and easy to use.

    The funny, or sad thing depending on your point of view is that if this had happened at another time I would have probably been able to shell out the cash to keep my humble Geocities website. However, their timing sucks for both of us, I'm not bashing them for making the decision they did - they aren't the first free site to go the way of paying, their only crime is being the only one to do so when I'm in a bad money place myself so I can't afford to upgrade to a paid website right now.

    Oh well, Geocities loss will end up being InsaneJournals gain, if things don't go pear shaped between me and InsaneJournal, and I don't see why it would since it is well known that IJ doesn't mind the fanfic. Yes, I'm starting out here as a draining leech here with the free account, but when (if) things get better I'll probably upgrade to paid account - back when things went really screwy on LiveJournal I started to come over here and buy a PermAccount, but at the time I simply didn't need another journal service and didn't see that I would ever need one. Short-sighted of me. ;)

    Now this will probably end up looking a lot like my website, though some things will be different. *laughs* I hadn't updated my Geocities site since 2006, but was actually planning a massive update and a smallish overhaul of said site later in the year. Love the irony here.

    I know I could use tags to make finding my fic/fanfic easier, but I discovered with my LiveJournal that I suck when it comes to using tags, so what I decided to do was post-date two entries - this one and the one that will act as an "opening page" containing quick and easy links to my fics/fanfics and other stuff that will eventually all be on this journal. One plus in moving my "website" here is that considering the ease of updating (no having to insert html coding to make sure it'll look right, and on Geocities I had to handcode or suffer a bunch of useless code being inserted) I will probably update things far more often than I did on Geocities.

    One last thing - even if you don't have an InsaneJournal if you can see the entry you can comment on it. That's right this journal will remain open to Anon commenting, but I will be screening Anon comments. I don't really want to screen anything (more work for me), but I know from my Geocities questbook and LiveJournal that there are people (companies) out there who will abuse Anon commenting, and I get tired of seeing "EMMA ENLARGE YOUR PENIS TODAY!" For one, if there is a man out there named Emma I feel for him, truly I do, for second I DON'T HAVE A PENIS! And, no, I don't want to try your meds or your super kwel software/hardware, or anything else you may want to sell me. K? Thanks.

    I'm probably going to open this journal up sooner than I originally planned (originally I was going to wait until I had everything moved over here), because getting all my fic/fanfic over here is going to take forever - I suppose I should be grateful that most of my fanfics (especially the older ones) are short stories. To give you an idea, I decided to do this in ABC order, and I'm only about half-way finished with the first section. I knew I'd been writing a while, but I didn't realize I had quite so much fanfic.

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    Friday, February 28th, 2014
    6:54 pm
    Okay this is just a post to avoid the coming purge.
    I am sorry though that I haven't been able to find the time to finish getting my fic up and posted here. To be honest, I have no idea when I'll even be able to start pretending to think about doing it again.

    One day when I have some cash I'll make this a paid or perm account, but right now even that's not really possible. Got to make some other big(ger) purchases before summer so that's where any spare cash is going for near future.

    On the other hand, with LJ being screw-y these days about letting me make an entry maybe I should've turned that one into my fic journal and made this one my actual journal.

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    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
    2:42 pm
    Main Page
    As expected I decided to go ahead and open this up before I actually got everything moved over here. Some sections will NOT take you anywhere, because there's nothing there.
    The completed sections are:
    Buffy/Angel -- Credits -- Crossovers -- Star Trek Deep Space Nine -- Emma Love Exposed! -- Harry Potter -- L J Smith -- Rants -N- Reviews -- Subtext Articles
    *cough* The Rants -N- Reviews is not completely finished. I don't have any/all of the Buffy Retro Reviews up, but otherwise it should be good to go.
    psst - Two sections (Crossovers and Rants -N- Reviews) have brand new stuff that I never got around to putting up/linking on my Geocities site!

    Banner Three
    If you wish to link to or archive any of my works, please read this first!

    Angel the Series/Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Lots of fanfics!
    Updates will be rare.


    This is an old page before I started crediting
    within the fanfics or other pages themselves.



    Lots of fanfics - regular updates.

    Deep Space Nine

    Only a few fanfics. Updates very rare.

    Emma Love Exposed!

    I've decided to simply link to my My LiveJournal

    for the "about me" section.

    Harry Potter
    Only a few fanfics at present, but I do have several HP WIPs
    that perhaps one day I'll get finished and posted.

    L J Smith

    Only a few fanfics, but there are several award winners here.
    Updates rareish.

    A space for my unfinished fanfics and
    completed fanfics without their own section.

    Check out my completed "Sweet Valley High" story
    in this section.


    Some of my writings that are not fanfiction.
    Updates aren't likely.

    Power Rangers


    Now housing FOUR fanfics, but I'm not sure this section will

    Rants -N-Reviews

    My personal rants about everything and anything

    This section may also contain praise of things

    Subtext Articles
    Only Star Trek Voyager at this time.

    Janeway/Paris, Chakotay/Paris, Torres/Kim


    Lots of fanfics here, but probably
    won't be updated anymore.


    These are the coolest rings on the web!
    I don't know if I will make pages for this one,
    because I will be unable to update my links
    on some of these rings.

    Note: About half of my fanfics will remain open to everyone, but I've decided to think of the children and lock the other half down, because the other half will contain adult material. Therefore, to read all the fics/fanfics I post to this journal there are a few steps you'll need to take. First, and most important, is to get yourself an InsaneJournal account if you don't all ready have one. Why? Because if you do not have one then there is no way for me to open the adult content to you. After getting an InsaneJournal the next thing you'll need to do is add this journal as a friend.

    The last thing is an age statement. If you have one in your profile you won't need to comment to this entry with one - if you have one in your profile I will see it. However, if you do not have an age statement in your profile then you will need to comment to this entry with one before you can see all the fic/fanfic on this journal.

    Ps - I will friend back anyone who friends me, but I'll still need the age statement to add you to my "Adult Friends" filter.

    Since I will only be using this journal to post my fanfic/original stories I'm not likely to friend someone that hasn't added me first - though I reserve the right to read and comment to other journals using this account, and also to join maybe more than a few InsaneJournal communities.

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    Friday, October 16th, 2009
    6:44 pm
    Fanfic LJSmith: Rectifying Mistakes (PG-13)
    LJSmith Fanfic - Rectifying Mistakes )

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    4:36 pm
    Fanfic LJSmith: Ghosts (PG-13)
    LJSmith Fanfic - Ghosts )

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    4:10 pm
    Fanfic LJSmith - Broken (PG-13)
    LJ Smith Fanfic = Broken )

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    Thursday, October 15th, 2009
    8:33 pm
    Webrings Page - Rings Inactive
    Webrings - Inactive )

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    8:21 pm
    Power Rangers Fanfic Archive
    Power Rangers Fanfic Archive )

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    7:34 pm
    Star Trek Voyager Fanfic Archive
    Star Trek Voyager Fanfic Archive )

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    4:35 pm
    MISC Archive
    MISC )

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    4:25 pm
    L.J. Smith Fanfic Archive
    L.J. Smith Fanfic Page )

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    3:48 pm
    Emma Love's Original Stories Archive
    Emma Love's Original Stories Archive )

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    Wednesday, October 14th, 2009
    8:11 pm
    Fanfic Crossover - Long Gray Twilight 3; The Queen's Gambit - Chapter One
    Long Gray Twilight 3 - Chapter One )

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    8:06 pm
    Fanfic Crossover - Long Gray Twilight 3; The Queen's Gambit - Chapter Two
    Long Gray Twilight 3 - Chapter Two )

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    8:01 pm
    Fanfic Crossover - Long Gray Twilight 3; The Queen's Gambit - Chapter Three
    Long Gray Twilight 3 - Chapter Three )

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    7:57 pm
    Fanfic Crossover - Long Gray Twilight 3; The Queen's Gambit - Interlude
    Long Gray Twilight 3 - Interlude )

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    7:45 pm
    Fanfic Crossover - Long Gray Twilight 3; The Queen's Gambit - Chapter Four
    Long Gray Twilight 3 - Chapter Four )

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    Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
    8:26 pm
    Movie Review: Death to Smoochy
    Movie Review - Death to Smoochy )

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    8:22 pm
    Movie Review: Connie & Carla
    Movie Review - Connie & Carla )

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    8:15 pm
    Movie Review: Kalifornia
    Movie Review = Kalifornia )

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